10. aug. 2010

Perla (eng)

This is a gunknitter-english-translation : 

It could not be easier! Knit the scarf until you are bored. Only garter stitch with beads and drop-stitch. Yarn of your one choice, and needle as desired.

Cast on 6 sts. Knit 5 sts and place a marker to set the center, knit 1 sts. Turn. 
Cast on 4 new sts and knit the needle out. Turn. Cast on 4 sts again, knit to the marker, increase 1 sts on both sides of the marker. Turn. The increase in the middle you do every other row, but the 4 sts in the beginning you do in each row.

Thread the beads on to another ball of yarn. Switch to this ball when you want to knit with the beads.

Drop-stitch stitch: Knit each stitch. Wrapping the yarn around the needle twice. Next row you knit each stitch and dropping the wraps.

When the scarf is big enough, take a crochet hook and crochet the stitches by crocheting two together and four to five chain stitch. On the other side, crocheting two stitches and four to five chain stitch.
Good luck!