8. mar. 2010

gunknitter`s Knitted and Wet Felted Babyboots

Size: Ca 3-6 mnd/ 9-12mnd
Foot length: 10 cm13cm )
Yarn: 100 % Wool  (Finull or Pt2)
Needle3,5mm. Long circular needle for Magic Loop
Gauge22m =10 cm.

Basic pattern. You can choose what colour variants  you like. In this pattern there are no purl stitches and the wet felting takes place in the washing machine. 40 degree with green soap. You can of course use what colour you like.

C.o. 34sts/40sts. Knit 20 p right, garter stitch (10 ridges/12 ridges).

Knit some needles with short rows back in the middle of the cuff like this:
Knit until there is left 7sts/10sts, turn. Knit until there is left 7sts/10sts, turn.
Knit until there is left 10sts/13sts, turn. Knit until there is left 10sts/13sts, turn.
Knit until there is left 12sts/16ststurnKnit until there is left 12sts/16ststurn.Knit to the end of the needle and turnKnit all 34sts/40ststurn. Knit one more row.

Now you are going to knit in circle and with stocking stitch:
Join the work into a circle and knit in round about 4 rounds/7-8 rounds.Arrange the stitches on the needle so the split on the cuff is in the middle of the 12/20 instep stitches in front and 17sts/20sts in the back.

These 17sts/20sts are going to be the heel. The heel is knitted in garter stitch:
Knit 17 row/20 row garter stitch (ca 7-8 ridges/10 ridges).
Knit 10sts/11sts, knit 2tog, turn.
*Slip 1sts, knit 5sts/6sts, 2tog, turn*.  Rep *-* until it is left 7sts/8sts.
3.JPG                       6.JPG
Knit these 7sts/8sts. Pick up 8sts/9sts from the edge (RS)Knit the 17sts/20sts from the instep. Pick up 8sts/9sts from the other edge.

Now you are going to knit and decrease in each side of the heel. When you are finished with that, you are going to have 17sts/20sts in front and 17sts/2sts at the back:
Knit the 2sts in the beginning of the heel, knit until it is left 2sts at the end of the heel, knit these 2 togetherKnit 1 round without decreasing between the decreasing rounds. Knit and decrease until you have 17sts/20sts in front and 17sts/20sts at the back.

7.JPG                    8.JPG
You have now finished the heel and are going to knit the rest of the sock.

Knit stocking stitches until there is 7cm/12cm between the split and the needle.
Now you are going to decrease in each side for the toe:
Knit 1sts2tog, knit 12sts/15sts, 2tog, knit 1sts2togknit 12sts/15sts, knit 2tog.
Knit 2tog, knit 11sts, 2tog, knit 2tog, knit 11sts, knit 2tog.
Knit and decrease like that until you have got 7sts/8sts in front and 7sts/8sts at the backThese stitches you either mask or knit together after you have turned the sock inside out. Have a nice time and knit one more sockJ
9.JPG                            11.JPG
Weave the loose ends and put both socks into the washing machine(40 degreestogether with two  towels. Instead of washing powder, you use Green soap.
Shape the socks a bit before you set them to dry. Afterwards you can decorate them as you like. You can needle felt some wool on them, or embroider, or crochet or they can be just as they are.

Think carefully about what you are using for decorations. It has to be safe for small childrenIt is also smart to put on anti-slip/non-slip under the socks to prevent  slipping .

Good luck !