9. mar. 2010

gunknitter`s Knitted and Felted Pink socks

Rosa sokker.jpg
Here  you can find the basic pattern. These socks are knitted in three pink colours.  The size is 6-12 mnd. Gauge 22sts = 10cm. Needle felted two dogs head on the top.
This is what they look like before they went into the washinmachine. Afterward I cut out some foam and put it into the socks.
This prevents the needle to break so easily and prevents the upper and lower side to be felt together. It makes it even easier to hold the sock in your hand when you are needle felting.
Stab some white wool and shape a little head. Take some black wool and stab it into the wool as it look like eyes and nose.
7.jpg 8.jpg
Good Luck !