9. mar. 2010

gunknitter`s Knitted and Felted Baby Eastern socks


The basic pattern is hereThese two socks are knitted in the smallest size 3-6 mnd. Gauge: 22sts=10 cm. I use two yellow colours and one orange. You must feel free to choose and  put the colour where you want. If you use to colour pattern, try not to knit to tight. Before the wet felting, you can crochet on some little beaks.

DSC_0012.JPGGulesokker med påskeliljer.jpg    
And after the socks were dry, you can also needle felted eyes and red cheeks on. Or you can make them of white yarn and sew them on.

As you can see, you can use the socks as egg warmers too J

Good Luck !