8. mar. 2010

gunknitter`s cloth

vaskeklut 1.JPG
This dishclothpattern is FUN to knit. The cloth is also good to use. You can use cotton yarn and needles of any kind and size.
Cast on an even numbers of stitches as many as you like.
1.row 1 sl st, k1, * yo, k1 * rep -, end k2.
2.row 1 sl st, k1, * lift the yo from previous row, yo, k1 * rep -, end k2.
3.row 1 sl st, k1, * lift the yo from previous row, yo, 2 tog (knit the next yo from previous row together with the next stitch) * rep -, end k2.
4.row Continue with 3.row as long as you like.
Finishing: Knit 2.row but without the yo. Bind off the next row.
Good Luck :))